Fall clean-up. Is there an easy way?

Leaves to rake?Is there an easy way to get rid of fall leaves? If  you don’t have a large yard and the space for a compost pile to accommodate your fall leaves,  you are stuck raking the leaves and making a trip to the county compost site. At Hejny Rental we get numerous inquiries about machines used for fall clean-up this time of year; leaf mulchers, leaf sweepers, and leaf vacuums. Although, in name, all these machines sound like they would work great, they all have downsides. Portable walk behind leaf mulchers and tow behind leaf sweepers aren’t made strong enough and leaf vacuums have bags that need to be emptied.  One piece of equipment that doesn’t get enough use, however, is the leaf blower. Hejny Rental has both back pack leaf blowers and walk behind leaf blowers. In my yard I use a leaf blower to gather the leaves and a tarp to transport the leaves to one of Hejny Rental’s 5×8 Trailers. The 5×8 Trailers have 30″ sides and a tailgate ramp so it is very easy to load and unload! Hint: Lay another tarp on the bottom of the trailer.  When you are ready to unload the trailer all you have to do is pull on the bottom tarp in order to slide the load off the ramp!

Another piece of equipment that is also very popular this time of year is our 52″ Toro Zero Turn Commercial Mower with a Bagger Attachment. Many customers have been very pleased with this mower. The Bagger Attachment has its own vacuum which creates a lot of suction and is able to break down dry leaves very well. Check out the specs of our mower at www.hejnyrental.com.


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